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Selena Gomez Stood by Her Man in Justin Bieber Baby Scandal

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Selena Gomez Stood by Her Man in Justin Bieber Baby Scandal 1Selena Gomez apparently never had second thoughts about whether boyfriend Justin Bieber had fathered a child as a result of a backstage tryst with San Diego woman Mariah Yeater. At least that’s how Justin tells it.

The scandal broke last November when Yeater filed a paternity suit seeking to determine whether Bieber was the father of her infant son.

The baby was born in July 2011 and Yeater claimed her pregnancy was the result of a back-stage sexual encounter with Bieber at one of his shows at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The woman claimed the tryst occurred Oct. 25, 2010, which would certainly put it in the same time frame of a budding Bieber-Gomez romance.

According to some reports at the time, Gomez summarily broke up with Bieber when the news broke. There was a period of time when Bieber made no comment about the case. He eventually denied being the father. His relationship with Gomez is still going strong.

Justin Bieber Lawyers Stonewalling, Yeater Lawyer Claims

Chicago lawyer and paternity expert Jeffrey Leving, took over the case and said he was going to settle it privately. His last public statement was in Dec. 2011 when he said the Bieber camp was stonewalling him on efforts to get a mutually agreeable paternity test.

Nothing has been heard from the lawyer or his client since. Bieber, however, wrote a taunting tweet about Yeater out of the blue in April and said he’d written a song about her on his new album “Believe.”

The way Justin tells it, Gomez was calm and cool about the damning allegations.

Selena Gomez Talks Justin Bieber Baby Mama Scandal

“She [called and] was, like, ‘Do you see what they’re saying on the Internet?’ I was like ‘Yeah.’ She was, like, ‘So…’ I was, like ‘No, it’s not true’.

“[Selena said,] ‘Okay, thank you, bye!’ That was it… She trusts me!” he told the British newspaper.

The 18-year-old musician ducked questions about his virginity in the interview.

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