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Rihanna Goes All the Way (Almost) For 'Nude' Perfume (photos)

Rihanna gave a racy preview of her new campaign to promote her latest perfume. The scent is called “Nude,” and the pop singer is taking the name to heart.

The 24-year-old singer, sporting blonde hair again, posted photos showing her topless. Her hands and arms were strategically placed to avoid any possible exposure of her private parts.

She also gave her best orgasmic look, running her hand through her disheveled blonde hair.

Check out RiRi’s photos; click to enlarge.

Rihanna has taken a growing interest in fashion ever since she was signed to represent Emporio Armani jeans. She’s appeared in several photo spreads for the fashion house.

Last year, she also introduced her first fragrance, called Reb’l Fleur

“I got a big shoot tomorrow for a surprise fragrance for my ladies called…NUDE!” she wrote on Twitter. “Bye bye dreadz, for NOW!” she added referring to the dreadlocks she wore for her “American Idol” performance.

Check out her photos above.

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