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Rihanna Puts to Rest Chris Brown Dating Drama, for Now (photos!)

1Rihanna blew a fuse in the UK edition of Esquire magazine when the questions turned to Chris Brown. But she did say she’s not dating him, and doesn’t seem interested in getting back with him… for the moment.

Although the interview didn’t make the 24-year-old singer happy, it did help clear up questions about her relationship with Brown.

Gossip Web site HollywoodLife has been exploiting Brown’s 2009 assault, which put Rihanna in the hospital with a bruised and battered face, by claiming repeatedly that she is trying to get back with him.

Check out RiRi’s photos; click to enlarge.


She had been choked into unconsciousness during the assault. He later pleaded guilty and was sentenced to probation.

After three years, the two collaborated on each other’s songs eariler this year, touching off speculation that they might be getting back together.

“Some people felt it sent the wrong message,” said the Esquire interviewer about the collaboration.

“What was that? What message would that be?” the singer shot back.

“You’d gone back to someone who put you in the hospital,” the interviewer said.

“Oh really? Did I?” Rihanna snorted. “Did I? Did I? Did I? …

“I mean, if I went back to him [as a girlfriend], then that’s a whole different discussion. And if I ever do, then that’s something that y’all have to talk to me about when – if – that ever happens.

“I think a lot of people jumped to an assumption that was incorrect and they ended up looking stupid,” she said.

Brown, incidentally, has been dating model Karrueche Tran and a rep insists he is just friends with Rihanna.

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