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Writer Details Steamy Dubai Days and Nights In 'Burqalicious'

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Writer Details Steamy Dubai Days and Nights In 'Burqalicious' 1Writer Becky Wicks chronicles her adventures as a celebrity editor in sunny, tax-free Dubai in the book “Burqalicious.”

After working as a freelance writer and blogger in New York and London, a weary Wicks makes the move to exotic Dubai, where she hobnobs with wealthy, married Arab men and attends upscale parties at ritzy five-star hotels.

But all is not fun and games, as Becky quickly learns that life as an ex-pat in Muslim Dubai isn’t as glamorous as she had hoped it would be.

In “Burqalicious: Dubai Diaries: A True Story of Sun, Sand, Sex, and Secrecy,” Wicks offers observations on being a young professional living abroad and lifts the burqa on life in the world’s fastest-rising city of gold.

Wicks is currently based in Bali.

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