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Kim Kardashian Untamed in Zoo Magazine (9 photos!)

1Kim Kardashian has posed for her wildest photo shoot since her Playboy appearance in raunchy UK lad magazine Zoo. How could she say no. It named her “Hottest Woman in the World.”

Kim won the honor through a vote by the magazine’s readers. She appears in a series of photos wearing tacky red lingerie with black fringe. She also poses in back and white bikinis.

The magazine gets right to the heart of the matter by urging readers to check out Kim’s sex tape. “If you have never done so, go and Google “kim kardashian sex tape” right this instant. Like now. Seriously. Do it”

Check out Kim’s photos; click to enlarge.


Kardashian and then-boyfriend Ray J were nobodies when they made the sex tape. In 2007, it suddenly leaked onto the Internet, and Kim became an overnight sensation.

After initially protesting, Kim cut a $5 million distribution deal with Vivid Entertainment to sell the tape, which has reportedly made millions of dollars for everyone involved. It also launched her career. She posed for Playboy the same year.

She and Ray J get a cut of the profits. Now the rights to the tape are estimated to be worth $30 million. Sales surged when she married Kris Humphries in a lavish ceremony. So it’s been the bane and the reason for her existence as a celebrity.

The magazine’s says Kim’s “whole life seems to be a combination of sexy photo shoots and ludicrously expensive trips to foreign beaches.” Kim’s other famous pastime, it notes, is Tweeting sexy pictures of herself.

“There’s nothing like a lady who is proud of her sexiness,” it proclaims. As for Kim, she tells the magazine: “I’m proud of my booty… It’s all mine!”

Check out her photos.

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