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Justin Bieber Pours Heart Out About Haters, Doubters

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Justin Bieber Pours Heart Out About Haters, Doubters 1Justin Bieber is about to see his new album Believe shoot to No. 1 on its debut, but the teen singer confesses that he also has his fair share of haters and doubters. He wants most of all to make them believers.

“I wanted to make music that I felt like everybody could listen to, and wasn’t only geared to younger people,” he says in a new interview.

“I wanted to make music that was just good, and people couldn’t help but, like, bob their head to it, or stomp their feet to it. It’s just music that people can feel.”

Justin grew up poor, raised by a single mother in Canada after his father left when he was an infant. He was discovered on YouTube and his rise was so fast and so sweeping, sometimes it must not seem real to him, either.

That’s why he puts so much time and effort into his fans. After all, he knows they really discovered him and make him who he is.

Still, even Justin has haters and doubters, and in a candid interview with London’s Independent newspaper, he talks about what he thinks are the reasons behind them.

“I think they hate the idea of me,” he says.

“They hate the fact that I am successful at a young age and that I am doing what a lot of people wish they could be doing. There’s people that just hate for those reasons,” he adds.

“And they might not even have heard any of my music.”

As for the doubters, if there are any at this point, “I think they just doubt that there’s any sort of talent that comes with me,” he says.

“They feel like I was a product and put together and then [presented], like, ‘Here you go’. But it’s not – I’ve been making music ever since I can remember. This isn’t just a marketing scheme. I’m the real deal and I hope to just show that in what I do.”

As always, problems, he feels, stem from misconceptions.

“Everything that I do, I always am me, and I always let people know what I’m gonna’ do; what I wanna’ do. And I’m not gonna’ conform to anything.

“I just want to be different and be known as someone who’s, like, a nice guy. But I won’t take anybody’s, like, shit.”

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