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B.o.B, Taylor Swift Touch a Nerve in ‘Both of Us’ Video (watch!)

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B.o.B, Taylor Swift Touch a Nerve in 'Both of Us' Video (watch!) 1

Rapper B.o.B has some very unexpected help in his paean to the common man. Taylor Swift appears in his new video for his song “Both of Us.” It’s a little ditty about Jack and Diane.

Well, not exactly. That was John Mellencamp’s ode to summer in 1982. B.o.B strikes a different tone in his song, giving it a decided edge.

The guitar picking that opens the video is all country. The scenes were shot in Nashville, so it must seep into the melody. Swift is first up, singing the song’s chorus.

I wish I was strong in love
To lift not one, but both of us
Someday, I will, be strong enough
To lift, not one, but both of us.

But this is no gentle ballad. B.oB cuts in with a heavy rhyme about losing it all when you never had a chance to get it in the first place.

“When your money’s all gone
And you lose your whip.
You might lose your grip
When the landlord tells you
You’re due for rent.”

Finally, a song by a young artist that reflects the everyday hardships of those caught up in Wall Street’s Great Recession. Millions upon millions of people have been thrown out of work and now live lives of quiet desperation. Meanwhile, young pop stars sing silly love songs (Hello, Justin Bieber).

The Jake Nava-directed video dwells on life on the other side of the tracks while B.o.B asks pertinent questions about today’s obsession with bling and what it all really means.

A little social consciousness never hurts in these tough economic times. Maybe a couple of other singers might take a hint. Kudos for Taylor Swift. She continues to amaze. Maybe, B.o.B is the next Tupac, or Malcolm X. God knows we need one.

Check out the video below.

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