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Myla Sinanaj Ex-BFF Cries Foul on Kris Humphries Pregnancy Claim

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Myla Sinanaj Ex-BFF Cries Foul on Kris Humphries Pregnancy Claim 1Kris Humphries was slam dunked by claims he got his ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj pregnant, but one of Myla’s ex-boyfriends is doing some rebounding for the basketball star. He says her claims are bull.

Sources close to Myla proclaimed her pregnancy to gossip site TMZ and said Humphries was the father. But an ex-boyfriend says he’s heard it all before.

“She’s a habitual liar and dates guys and when they want to leave she claims she’s pregnant or will kill herself,” the boyfriend told Web site starzuncut.

“Myla has been searching to become famous since I met her. Originally, she said she was a singer but I was with her for six years and never EVER heard a song,” said the ex, who was not named. “That was one way she met ‘industry’ people.”

Sinanaj reportedly bragged that she met Vin Diesel, Boris Khojo, Curtis Jackson, aka 50-Cent, and even George Clooney. “I know she slept with at least one of these guys,” he added. (It’s probably safe to rule out Clooney.)

“She is obsessive and will call literally ALL DAY to the point where no more messages can be left on your voicemail. I believe Myla met Kris and definitely constructed a larger connection in her own head. Thats just the person she is,” he added.

TMZ claims “sources directly connected” to Sinanaj said she confirmed Monday (July 2) that she’s three months pregnant and that Humphries is the father.

Myla has been a loose cannon ever since her association with Humphries surfaced. She reportedly has been subpoenaed by Kim Kardashian to testify in her divorce trial. But given all the crazy things she said so far, she’d make a doubtful witness.

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