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Robert Pattinson Backs Occupy Wall Street Protests (watch!)

1“Twilight’s” Robert Pattinson claims his wealth is “greatly exaggerated,” and that he identifies with Wall Street protesters, even though he plays a financial mogul in his latest movie.

Rob plays Wall Street financial whiz Eric Packer in his new movie, “Cosmopolis.” But he says he “absolutely” identifies with the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

“I agree with many of the principles of this movement. Ever since working on this movie, I became even more sensitive to it, more aware,” he says in a new interview with German weekly business magazine Wirtschaftswoche. He was there promoting the film.

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“It is so ridiculous that people who want nothing more than lead a normal life, have to work for minimal wage to do so, while a minority has so much money available, that they lost touch with it,” he says. “For them it has become pure gambling. And the law has no meaning anymore.”

“Then I ask myself: Why do I vote at all anymore? The President has no say. It’s just typical that my character in the film has absolutely no idea who the President is. You become so successful that every aspect of life is only an abstraction. Even the success as such means nothing to you anymore.”

“The whole financial world makes no sense to me. Only then when everything goes wrong. Because their categories are absolutely absurd, it’s based only on illusions. Why should Facebook suddenly be worth over $100 billion?” he says.

While “Cosmopolis” is supposed to be about the decline and fall of capitalism, Rob doesn’t quite see it that way.

Everyone who sees the film, says that it deals with the fall of capitalism. But when we shot it, nobody thought of that,” he says.

“For us, the movie was about the absurdity of power in general. The protagonist didn’t necessarily have to be a financial shark. But appropriately enough the “Occupy Wall Street” movement started just at that time. And the movie scenes that show the insurgents look like a reflection of the events,” he explains.

Rob, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner reportedly earned $25 million each against 7.5 percent of the gross for starring in “Breaking Dawn, Part 1” an “Part 2,” making him one of the richest actors in Britain.

He was named among th 50th most powerful celebrity in the world with earnings $17 million in 2010 by Forbes magazine, but Rob begs to differ. “There you’re mistaken. This is greatly exaggerated,” he says of his supposed financial net worth.

“I’m not very good at spending money or investing. I have simply no idea,” he added. “Okay, I’ve spent money on a house, but I hardly use it because I travel so much.”

Check out another German interview below:

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