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Sexy Elisabetta Canalis Goes to Dogs in New PETA Ad (watch!)

1Elisabetta Canalis, the sexy Italian model and television personality, who once famously dated George Clooney, gives it her all, portraying a suffering dog in a new video for animal rights organization PETA.

Canalis has been a strong supporter of the group and has posed semi-nude in one of its many campaigns featuring celebrities in various states of undress.

Like all its campaigns, the latest calls attention to animal suffering at the hands of humans. In this case, its targeting pet owners who leave their animals in parked cars during hot weather.

Check out other stars who posed for PETA. Click photos to enlarge.


The 33-year-old beauty plays what it’s like for a dog trapped in a hot car with the windows rolled up. It’s a convincing portrayal and shows the model all hot, sexy and bothered.

It shows her distress, and desperation, slowing growing as the temperature rises and the length of confinement grows. Finally she starts pounding on the windows and kicking at the doors. Of course, a real dog wouldn’t likely do that. Instead it would probably lay down to avoid getting overheated.

The screen goes black and the following message appears: “Dogs can suffer from heatstroke and die in a matter of minutes when they are locked in a car on a warm day,” it says. “In summer, leave your dog at home.

“It’s very important if you see a dog unattended inside a car that you don’t leave the situation,” Canalis says in a statement. “If it’s too hot for us, it’s definitely too hot for our dogs.”

Check out the video below:

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