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Porsche Slams Brakes on Lindsay Lohan Accident Claims

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Porsche Slams Brakes on Lindsay Lohan Accident Claims 1Speak no ill of a Porsche. The automaker apparently took personal offense at Lindsay Lohan’s claim that the brakes on her Porsche 911 failed, causing her to slam into the back of a truck last month. So it tested them… Gulp!

TheImproper reported at the time of the accident that her explanation would hold up only until the brakes were tested. And, Porsche has tested them, according to TMZ.

The computerized braking system on the high-performance car is one of the best in the world, and Porsche makes the stopping power of its cars a major feature in its marketing campaigns.

Apparently it couldn’t let Lohan’s claim stand unchallenged. So Porsche contacted the car rental company and asked if it could test the car’s brakes, the gossip site reports.

The rental company turned over the wreck and Porsche tests found the brakes to be in working order with no evidence of any malfunction. Porsche has apparently turned over the information to the Santa Monica police, which are investigating the accident.

As TheImproper reported previously, Lohan had to be travelling in excess of 70mph when she hit the truck because the Porsche’s airbags deployed. Airbags are typically designed to deploy at speeds of 28mph or greater. The dump truck was doing 40mph, according to the driver.

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