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James Holmes May Have Used Federal Grant to Buy Weapons

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James Holmes May Have Used Federal Grant to Buy Weapons 1James Holmes, who allegedly killed 12 people in the audience of a crowded theater gathered to watch a mid-night screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” may have used proceeds from a federal grant to buy weapons, ammunition and body armor to carry out the attack.

Holmes, considered a gifted science student, received a federal grant that made it possible to study for his doctoral degree in neuroscience at the University of Denver in Aurora.

The program is considered highly competitive and Holmes federal grant likely included a stipend to pay living expenses. He was unemployed and had been for some time prior to the shooting. Yet he was able to buy four guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition and a bullet-proof vest as well as other ballistic body armor.

One of the unanswered questions is where he got the money for what likely amounted to thousands of dollars worth of deadly merchandise. Police are combing his apartment for insight into Holmes and how he was able to pull off the horrific massacre of innocent people.

A new video has surfaced, obtained by ABC News, that was taken six years ago and showed Holmes, then 18, making a presentation at a scientific camp at Miramar College in San Diego..

The subject was “temporal illusions,” or how he explained it, the ability to use illusions to change your past. Holmes reportedly lived as a normal teen with a deep interest in science. Yet when his mother was initially approached by police, she knew immediately that her son was the likely culprit.

At the time, Holmes said his goal was to become a researcher and make scientific discoveries. He talked about enjoying soccer, strategy games and of one day owning a “slurpee machine.”

Police said they now have “evidence of calculation and deliberation,” in the way he allegedly planned and prepared for the shooting, which would weigh heavily against him if he tries to plead insanity or hopes to avoid the death penalty (See related story).

Check out the video below:

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