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Robert Pattinson Faces Off With Jon Stewart on Daily Show

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Robert Pattinson Faces Off With Jon Stewart on Daily Show 1Robert Pattinson may find out that humor is the best medicine for heartbreak. He’s set to appear on Jon’s Stewart’s “Daily Show” on the Comedy Channel. Stewart will almost certainly touch on Rob’s cheating scandal.

The “Twilight” actor has been out of the public eye and has made no comment since Kristen Stewart’s affair with “Snow White and the Huntsman” Director Rupert Sanders was revealed in a tabloid shocker last month.

Stewart admitted the affair on July 25 and apologized, but so far the two stars have not reconciled.

But Rob is under contract to help promote his latest film, David Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis.”
 That includes appearances on talk shows and the red carpet for the movie’s New York premiere. Stewart has reportedly been told to stay away.

Pattinson will appear on Stewart’s show Monday (Aug. 13). By then, however, he will have already walked the red carpet at his premiere. It’s hard to see how he won’t be bombarded with questions about the affair. Rob could bypass reporters, but that hasn’t been his style in the past.

The impish Stewart rarely shies away from controversy, and he’s sure to slip in a question or comment about the incident. One thing is certain, the encounter will be hilarious. Rob has an ironic sense of humor and may be willing to joke about what happened.

Following his Daily Show appearance, Rob will have his first serious televised interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Aug. 15. But morning talk shows aren’t known for asking tough questions.

Rob has a lot riding on the Cronenberg movie. It’s his first picture to go into wide release since “Bel Ami,” was shunted off to pay per view following a limited release in a handful of theaters. It’s also Rob’s most challenging role.

He plays billionaire financier Eric Packer whose casual drive across Manhattan to get a haircut turns into a surreal journey into the underside of urban life.

Rob is also slated to promote the final chapter in the “Twilight” saga, “Breaking Dawn, Part 2.” According to Summit Entertainment he will be making appearances leading up to the November release date with Kristen and other cast members. Won’ that be awkward.

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