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Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Kaput? Say It Ain’t So

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Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Kaput? Say It Ain't So 1Jennifer Aniston has long been known for commitment-phobia, but this time boyfriend Justin Theroux may be unwilling to go the distance. The “Friends” star reportedly had a major row over their future together and called off the relationship.

The stunning development, however, was first reported by Star magazine, and the tabloid’s reputation for accuracy is pretty sketchy.

The blowup allegedly occurred after a “romantic dinner” at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica, on July 11, nearly a month ago. Wonder how they kept it secret so long? In any event, Jen reportedly threw down the gauntlet.

“I need a commitment, and I need it now,” the 43-year-old actress said, according to an “insider.” The only emotion Justin reportedly showed was indifference. “That was the moment the writing was on the wall for Jen. It crystalized in her mind that Justin isn’t the one for her,” the source said.

During their relationship, Theroux reportedly never fully got over his previous girlfriend Heidi Bivens, which grew to become an issue with Jen. “Looking back, Jen never fully trusted Justin,” another “friend” tells the magazine.

“Heidi and Justin have been talking for months, and Jennifer had no idea,” the source claimed. “But she started getting suspicious.”

The final straw came in New York when Theroux reportedly met with Heidi after Jen went out of town. “He got together with Heidi within days of Jen leaving. It seems like Justin couldn’t wait to be rid of Jen so he could cut loose,” the source claims.

Now here’s the kicker; Jen allegedly had Justin followed while she was away. How creepy is that? In any event, take this story with a big grain of salt. The Star is wrong more often than it’s right.

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