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Kate Middleton Cousin, First Look Playboy Photos (See!)

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Kate Middleton Cousin, First Look Playboy Photos (See!) 1Katrina Darling never realized she was related to Kate Middleton until Kate married Prince William. Now she’s making the most of it. The stripper and burlesque dancer appears in Playboy magazine’s September issue. Here’s a first look at a photo.

Darling, 22, will appear on the cover and inside in an eye-opening eight-page spread for a reported six-figure fee, says London’s Daily Mail.

In a promo photo from the set, she appears lying topless on a sheepskin blanket.

Check out Katrina’s photo; click to enlarge.


Future English Queen Kate Middleton has another randy family member. Cousin Katrina Darling is a burlesque dancer who will cover the September issue of Playboy.

Darling is a second cousin once removed from the Duchess of Cambridge. And, truth be told the two have never met.

But she’s a closer relation than Matthew Cawley, the fictional third cousin once removed, is to the Earl of Grantham, who rules over “Downton Abbey,” on the hit British television show, where such things matter. Matt’s going to inherit the feudal estate.

Darling, on the other hand, is Kate’s second cousin once removed. Her grandmother on her father’s side is sister to the Middleton’s great-grandfather, Thomas Harrison, according to UK tabloids.

While she appears to be cut from a different rug than the stately Kate, the Middleton’s are a randy bunch as well. Saucy sister Pippa Middleton recently embarrassed the crown when she turned up at a debauched birthday party for a Paris playboy.

Pippa has also been caught sunbathing topless on the Rivera and photos also surfaced of her dancing at a party in her bra and panties.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s brother James William Middleton upstaged his sister’s wedding when homoerotic photos with some lads surfaced right before the royal ceremony.

Katrina is no bimbo. Her day job is in the wealth management division of Barclays bank. And, she’s patriotic. She stripped at a London club in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubliee. The music? “God Save the Queen,” of course.

“Everybody is really supportive. They think it’s a bit of fun,” she said when the Playboy deal was announced. Everyone that is except Kate.

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