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Ashley Greene Going Where Kristen Stewart Fears to Tread?


Ashley Greene and Robert Pattinson promoting Breaking Dawn, Part 1 in Belgium.

Ashley Greene, who auditioned for Bella Swan in “Twilight” and lost out to Kristen Stewart, may finally get the leading role, promoting the final vampire film, “Breaking Dawn, Part 2,” with Robert Pattinson.

Greene, 25, and the Twilight lead actor, who has been Stewart’s boyfriend for four years, toured extensively together last October in Europe to promote “Breaking Dawn, Part 1.”

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Ashley Greene on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Aug. 20

The chemistry between them was unmistakable, and there were rumors that the two hooked up on the road. But they were given little credence, given Rob’s attitude about cheating.

Ironically, Ashley was subbing for Stewart, 22 who was tied up at the time in the UK filming “Snow White and the Huntsman.” While Rob was on the road with Ashley, Stewart was beginning a dalliance with Director Rupert Sanders. It blew up in her infamous cheating scandal last month. Rob and Kristen haven’t seen each other since.

Now there is some question whether Stewart, who only emerged this week in public for the first time since the scandal broke, will appear with Rob to promote the final “Breaking Dawn” movie.

She could be paired with Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob Black, a werewolf, Edward Cullen rival and Bella’s other love interest. Ashley is ready and willing to help out where she can.

“I’m so laser-focused on my career, because when you’re dealt these cards you’d be stupid not to,” she told Lucky magazine. “What’s most attractive to me is someone who has the same amount of drive as I do, someone who’s equally busy.”

Ashley is starring in a new movie, “The Apparition, with Harry Potter‘s Tom Felton. It debuts in the U.S. this weekend, Aug. 24.

Greene appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in Los Angeles last night (Aug. 20) to promote the film. She talked about “The Apparition,” and her return to her hometown in Florida, which she left after high school to pursue acting.

“I have the same friends from sixth grade,” she said. “We cause mischief and wreak havoc. Jenny (my best friend) and I get together and act like we’re in sixth grade again and we like to play pranks on people because there’s nothing else to do there after awhile.”

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