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Lana Del Rey Exposed: Four New Tracks Go Online (Listen!)

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Lana Del Rey Exposed: Four New Tracks Go Online (Listen!) 1Lana Del Rey is ready to make a statement with four new tracks that are getting an early preview on the Internet. They’re being added to the deluxe version of her hit album Born to Die and are in the same lyrical style as her earlier songs.

Del Rey has carved a unique niche for herself in music as well as fashion. Both blend her retro ’60s style dubbed “retromania” by one critic.

The 26-year-old singer calls it “gangsta Nancy Sinatra.”

The four new tracks, “Afraid,” “Big Bad Wolf” ‘Delicious” and “Playing Dangerous,” appeared online today (Aug. 24). They mirror her languid, breathy style she made a hallmark on her YouTube sensation “Video Games” in June 2010.

Check Out Lana Del Rey’s New Songs

“I just put that song online a few months ago because it was my favorite. To be honest, it wasn’t going to be the single but people have really responded to it,” she told a UK newspaper.

Del Rey’s reworking of Born to Die, tentatively called her Paradise edition, is expected to feature seven new tracks when it’s released in November, according to MTV.

Whether the three other tracks will surface remains to be seen. Del Rey performed another new track called “Body Electric” in front of a surprised crowd at LA’s El Rey Theatre earlier this summer. The title is a takeoff of a Walt Whitman poem and a Ray Bradbury science-fiction novel.

The songs all focus on relationships, just as “Video Games,” about an old boyfriend, did. “I think we came together because we were both outsiders. It was perfect. But I think with that contentment also comes sadness,” she said of the tune.

“Afraid” is about he desire to get out of a bad relationship and the fear of succumbing to an illicit affair.

On “Playing Dangerous,” she’s sings about a psychotic singer who sets her house on fire and makes a play for the police officer who arrests her. “Big Bad Wolf” is about forbidden love. “Delicious” is the most uptempo of the releases, and Del Rey rap-sings on the track.

Along with her music, Del Rey is also making inroads in fashion, mostly in Europe where stylists can’t get enough of her.

She’s already been hailed for her singular style and has signed on to rep for Jaguar’s newly redesigned sports car, which like Del Rey is both retro and modern. Swedish retailer H&M has hired her to rep the brand, and she was also recently featured in Vogue Italia.

Check out her songs above.

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