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Kim Kardashian Misleads Fans on 'Charity' EBay Clothes Auction

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Kim Kardashian Misleads Fans on 'Charity' EBay Clothes Auction 1

Kourtney Kardashian Rory Beca spaghetti strap dress, size extra-small is up for auction. The price is $350 after 42 bids. (As of Aug 31)

Kim Kardashian put up for auction on eBay all the clothes Kanye West cleared out of her closets. But don’t be fooled by claims the money is going to charity. She’ll pocket the lion’s share herself.

Kim, who’s been known to do a thing or two for money, never turns down an opportunity to line her own pockets, even if it means duping her 16 million Twitter follows, who are ready marks for her commercial pitches.

“The clothes I got rid of will be up on EBay… for a charity auction! Going to Life Change Community Church,” she Tweeted. But don’t be misled by that. Kim is only donating 10 percent of the proceeds to charity; she’ll pocket the other 90 percent, according to an eBay disclaimer.

The charity must also pay a fee to an EBay affiliate for handling the donation, according to the site.

Kim, like many celebrities, probably received many of the designer duds for free in exchange for a promise to wear them to a high-profile media event or on her show. So, she’s cashing in bigtime.

Plus she got a mound of publicity for “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Kanye made a big scene by calling her wardrobe “ghetto.” He was obviously just playing to the cameras for effect. Khloe Kardashian played the foil, criticizing Kim because they share the same taste in clothes.

All items were priced at 99 cents to start the auction, but don’t expect her wardrobe to go cheaply. Kim’s closets are full of high-end brands like Alexander McQueen, Roland Mouret, Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin and Thierry Mugler.

An Alexander McQueen Pale Pink Wool Dress has already received 37 bids as of Friday (Aug 31) evening, pushing the price up to $200, still hundreds less than it retails for.

The only problem is Kim is five-feet, one-inch tall and wears a size four or six dress. Her shoe size ranges from six to six-and-a-half. Not many women share her fireplug body.

Sister Kourtney Kardashian, 32, is also auctioning her maternity wardrobe. Baby daddy Scott Disick is selling some of his clothes as well, including shirts from Ted Baker and Brooks Brothers.

You can check out the auction by going here. And buyers beware: All sales are final!

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