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Sara Underwood Tops Kate Middleton as Hottest Woman

Sara Underwood, Esquire Hottest Woman 2012Sara Jean Underwood, Playboy’s 2007 Playmate of the Year, has added another sexy honor to her rack, and we use the term pointedly. She’s Esquire magazine’s “Hottest Woman of 2012,” edging out the super hot Duchess, Kate Middleton.

The winner is chosen by readers in a March Madness style tournament on the magazine’s Web site. More than two million votes were cast.

Underwood joins such luminaries as swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker, the inaugural winner, and last year’s hottest, Katrina Bowden who stars on NBC’s “30 Rock.” She also won in an upset.

Check out Sara’s photos; click to enlarge.


“At the beginning, nobody really said anything,” said Underwood, who has an on-again, off-again relationship with Ryan Seacrest.

But as it kept getting closer, everyone was kind of like, Wow, you’re in the Sweet Sixteen? And then: Oh, the Elite Eight? They just didn’t — they didn’t have that much confidence,” she said. “I think. Maybe”

Beside her turn in Playboy, Underwood works as a presenter on “Attack of the Show,” which reviews high-tech gadgets, pop culture and general daily news. It also previews video games, movies and digital media. Underwood was one of several co-hosts who replaced actress and comedian Olivia Munn.

The 28-year-old model and actress first appeared in Playboy in its “The Girls of the Pac 10” pictorial in the October 2005 issue. She was an Oregon State University “Beaver” at the time. (Honest!)

In an internet competition, Underwood’s nerd fan base from her TV show appeared to do the trick.

“We did a shout-out on ‘Attack of the Show’ before we went dark for a week, and [Canadian TV station] G4 put up a page on their site asking everyone to vote, and couple of gossip sites did, too. So I had some help,” she reveals.

After winning, Esquire followed up with a “Me in My Place,” photo shoot that featured Underwood scantily dressed at home. “I do just wear underwear and a top [around the house],” she said. “It’s a good reflection of my real life. I mean, all of that stuff was straight out of my pajama drawer.”

Check out her photos… and lingerie.

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