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Chistina Aguilera: What a Difference Two Years Makes (photos!)

1Christina Aguilera appears svelte in a DTSpain magazine spread, using photos from two years ago. She’s been criticized for squeezing into too-tight outfits on “The Voice.” But this is ridiculous. Is this the same person?

In the latest spread for the fashion magazine’s April issue, she has the body of a 20-something wearing equally provocative clothing. She lost the weight to promote her album Bionic in 2010.

Earlier this week, Aguilera pulled what some bloggers called a “Britney” after Britney Spears, on the show. She squeezed into a too small corset with fishnets and Louboutin platforms for a performance.

Check out Christina’s photos; click to enlarge.


Spears was lampooned when she launched her comeback in April 2011, in what was initially dubbed her “Fat Elvis” phase, after the King of Rock’s struggle with weight in the early 1970s. Spears, however, slimmed down as the tour progressed.

Aguilera, 31, insists she loves her curvaceous body, but apparently has been working to get things under control. While she’s not close to her former fighting weight, she’s has been sporting a slimmer figure lately.

Still, her hips and thighs and waist were markedly thinner back then, judging from the photos.

Nothing, however, has affected the power of her voice. She belted out a song in the power-pop style for which she’s long been known. Check out the clip below. And photos above.

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