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Rihanna Parties Hard, But Works Hard in New Video (watch!)

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Rihanna Parties Hard, But Works Hard in New Video (watch!) 1

Rihanna, in cap, works it with other dancers.

Rihanna likes to party hard, but she also wants fans to know she works hard, according to a behind-the-scenes look of a rehearsal for her new music video.

The 24-year-old star sweats the details at her “Where Have You Been” rehearsal. DJ Calvin Harris wrote the song and is producing the video.

It’s the third from her album Talk That Talk. She’s previously released videos for “You Da One” and “We Found Love,” also Harris collaborations.

She paired up with the DJ on stage at the Coachella Music Festival last weekend for a rousing performance of the latter two songs. But the Barbadian singer shocked fans when she posted photos of herself doing drugs at the gathering.

Her new video may be an effort to counter the perception that she is getting better known for raucous partying rather than her stage performances.

She’s all work in the clip. Her hair is tied up and she is make-up free and dressed casually in a tee-shirt and black top. The clip also shows she is in charge.

“I just want to say, right now, we are in dance rehearsals for the ‘Where Have You Been’ music video. Which is, I can’t tell you how rare,’ she adds. “Only because my schedule has always been so busy, it never allowed for us to spend time rehearsing and making up dance moves.”

“I was dancing eating my dinner,” says the singer.

Rihanna even interprets the dance. “This one is just all performance. It’s all about evoking an emotion through your body,” she says.

“I was never going to shoot this video if I couldn’t do choreography. Because it would be pretty pointless. It would be disappointing,” she says.

Check it out below.

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