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Kate Upton Goes Bare as Marilyn Monroe for Muse (photos!)

1Kate Upton, who dazzled as the covergirl for Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, joins the Marilyn Monroe sweepstakes in a stunning, barely there photo shoot for Italy’s Muse magazine.

Upton, who turns 20 in June, has been the model of the moment ever since she graced SI’s winter swimsuit issue in the barest of bikinis.

In the Marilyn sweepstakes, she goes up against Lindsay Lohan and Michelle Williams.

Check out Kate’s photos; click to enlarge.


Both have channeled the late-actress recently in Playboy magazine and the movie “My Week With Marilyn” respectively.

Kate holds her own in the dazzling photoshoot.

She won the coveted cover, shared previously by supermodels like Elle McPherson, Cheryl Tiegs and Christie Brinkley in only her second year with the magazine. Last year she was named the magazine’s rookie of the year.

Since then, the Melbourne, Florida native has been in top demand. She also plays blonde bombshell in the upcoming issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

She was photographed at the Beverly Hills Hotel by Terry Richardson, posing with actors Jared Leto and Aziz Ansari.

Upton has also been developing an acting career and recently raised eyebrows in “The Three Stooges,” playing over-sexed nun, Sister Bernice. Her skimpy black “nun-kini” and habit. The Catholic League branded her part “offensive.”

If that’s the case, wait until they get a load of these photos; Check them out above.

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