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Nicki Minaj String Bikini Barely There in Starships Video

1Nicki Minaj heads for the beach for her new video for Roman Reloaded single “Starships” and gives new meaning to the term fun in the sun. As she points out in the song, “bad bitches are hard to come by,” and she proves it in more ways than one.

In the Anthony Mandler-directed video, Nicki’s goal is to throw the best damn beach party possible. She’s the main attraction dancing and writhing in the sand in a barely there pink bikini.

Check out Nicki’s screen shots;
click to enlarge.


The only special effect initially is a computer-generated UFO circling one of the Hawaiian islands, scoping out the best spot for a party. Minaj is beamed down Star Trek style and lands in the surf. Her hair is green and tiny string bikini.

But mid-way through, kaleidoscopic effects take over. Lots of day-glo paint gets splashed around under black lights giving the video an otherworldly look and feel.

Bonfires flare and native dancers twirl flaming batons as a crowd materializes. Nicki jumps with the crowd, fist-pumping and dancing the night away.

The single has been out for more than two months and hit No. 5 before slipping, although it’s still showing legs at No. 7.

The pop-dance track is the official lead single from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, which debuted at No 1 on the album charts two weeks ago, “Roman Holiday” and “Stupid Hoe” were promo singles, according to MTV.

Check out the RedOne-produced video below:

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