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Selena Gomez Gets Call-Girl Look in New InStyle (12 photos)


Selena Gomez looks like she’s halfway to Vegas in a new InStyle photo spread.

Selena Gomez looks more grown up than ever; in fact a little too grown up in the upcoming issue of InStyle magazine. She poses for photo spread in a cheesy hotelroom that could be easily interpreted as call-girl themed.

Selena, who turns 21 in July, put away the bubblegum forever with her risque movie “Spring Breakers” and her latest video for her song “Come and Get It.”

In an interview she praised the way Britney Spears made the transition from Disney queen to adult performer and hoped the video for “Come and Get It” does the same for her. It has a very mature theme and Gomez called it one of her best yet.

If there’s any doubt that she’s on her way to becoming a Hollywood sex siren, her latest spread in InStyle should dispel that. She poses in a vintage looking roadside motel room, sprawled on a king-size bed.

Selena Gomez Plays Hotel Hooker


She wears a sexy Dolce & Gabbana orange micro-mini dress with a sleeve-less top.

She looks like she’s waiting for her next trick to arrive. Selena is caught in various poses lying seductively in repose on the bed.

Gomez also poses in a turquoise Kenzo floral pantsuit with a scanty bra-top in a scene that evokes a vintage ’60s. She stands next to an old-style gas pump and a snappy turquoise 60s-era convertible at a high-desert gas station. Maybe on her way to Vegas?

She also wears an electric blue Stella McCartney illusion dress.

Check out her photos from her behind-the-scenes video below. She talks about making fashion choices and her favorite dress from the shoot.

The issue is on stands May 21. To keep up with all the latest developments from Hollywood’s sweetheart follow TheImproper on Twitter.

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