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Beyonce is NOT Pregnant, Or Crazy Irresponsible If She Is

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Pregnant or not? Beyonce performs opening night of on “Mrs. Carter World Tour,” April 15, in Belgrade, Serbia.

Beyonce is one of the hardest working women in show business, but she would have to be crazy to launch a rigorous 65-date tour across three continents while pregnant, according to a source in New York. She would not only put her health, but her baby’s health at risk, the source said.

The rampant baby speculation was ratcheted up another notch with a report today by E! News. It cited “multiple sources” who claimed she is pregnant, but there was no information on how far she is along.

Click here or photo to see it supersized. Is she pregnant?

That immediately called into question the veracity of the report. Likewise, The New York Post claimed the the singer wore a Givenchy gown to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s fashion gala the was purposely high-waisted to conceal her pronounced midsection.

The newspaper claimed it had also interviewed “multiple sources” who said she was pregnant.

If that were true and she was beginning to show a baby bump, she would have to be at least three, but more likely four months along. That means she had to have known she was pregnant when she launched her “Mrs. Carter World Tour” in April.

Beyonce, Victim of Grueling Tour Schedule, Cancels Concert

She’s scheduled to play 65 dates through August, which would put her near term by the time the tour is over. The company insuring the tour and promoters would definitely not have let her go on the road in that condition.

The baby speculation had pretty much died out until the singer was forced to cancel a show in Belgium’s Sportpaleis arena in Antwerp last Tuesday. “Dehydration and exhaustion” were cited as reasons.

Beyonce revealed she was under doctor’s orders to rest, but said nothing about being pregnant. Nonetheless the cancellation reignited rumors, even though she showed no signs of a baby bump. She wore tight-fitting costumes on stage. (see below)

Beyoncé Bares All Pregnant in New HBO Documentary

She fell ill after coming off grueling back-to-back performances at London’s O2 Arena as part of a 13-show swing through the United Kingdom. She also played back-to-back shows in Dublin, May 12 and 13, before heading to Belgium.

“My friends and I seen her in Manchester on Thursday,” one fan commented to London’s Daily Mail.

“As soon as she started performing we commented that she did not seem to be well. Her performance lacked her usual enthusiasm. Her throat sounded terrible (and no, that’s not just her singing voice for all your critics). She genuinely seemed exhausted,” the fan wrote.

UPDATE: Beyonce Explodes at ‘Low Life People’ Talking About Pregnancy

The 31-year-old singer gave birth to daughter Blue Ivy in January a year ago. At her age she is considered borderline for a high risk pregnancy. Women who conceive over 30 are at a higher risk for complications than younger women. That would make it doubly unwise to go on tour, especially after suffering a miscarriage before Blue Ivy.

Beyonce is on record wanting more children, which is also fueling speculation. So far, neither Beyonce or husband Jay-Z have commented on the rumors.

Check out her O2 Arena performance below and let us know your thoughts on whether she’s pregnant. And follow TheImproper on Twitter for celebrity news you can trust.

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