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Miley Cyrus Has Smokin’ Crotch in ‘We Can’t Stop’ Video (watch!)

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Miley Cyrus lights her crotch on fire in her new video. Or, seemingly so.

Miley Cyrus lights her crotch on fire in her new video. Or, seemingly so.

Miley Cyrus has a controversial new images to go along with the controversial lyrics in a video for her new song “We Can’t Stop.” Would you believe a smoke-shooting crotch? That ain’t all. The tune has been criticized for drug references.

“We Can’t Stop” is the first single off her upcoming album, and it’s supposed to signal a new direction in Miley’s music. The video was released today (June 19).

She’s strayed far from her country roots with the song into more of an urban vibe, but the video is all Miley. She spikes her hair and wears scanty clothes as she sings about partying all night.

As the clip opens Miley luxuriates in tight white pants and a cropped bra top, spiking her hair, adding a gold grill to her teeth and applying ruby-red lipstick.

From there the party gets started. Miley is filmed in several racy outfits, frolics in a big pool rolls around a bed with a couple of different guys (although not together!), and makes a few sexually suggestive hand signs, like sticking her tough between her fingers held in a “V” sign.

Wonder what that means by that? See if you can count all of the other sex references.

Move over Nashville, Miley is all LA now, hip, urban and blinged out.

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