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Taylor Swift Salutes Red, White, Blue in New Music Video (watch!)

Taylor Swift draws on concert footage for her latest music video for her song Red.

Taylor Swift draws on concert footage for her latest music video for her song Red.

Taylor Swift looks like she might have a concert movie in the works, judging by the new video for her song “Red.” She’s featured singing the title cut from her new album in a series of shots from her current Red Tour.

The video is made up entirely from scenes filmed during her latest tour.

“I’m so excited that the new video for ‘Red’ comes out this evening! Also very excited about all the red, white, & blue happening tomorrow,” Tweeted the patriotic singer/songwriter. Red is her fourth studio album, and one of the most personal for her.

Taylor Swift Shows Off Style on Red Tour

The lead single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” was her first No. 1 pop single and was downloaded nearly a million times. It’s reportedly inspired by former boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal.

The album also debuted at No. 1 and solidified Swift as a cross-over artist with broad appeal beyond her country music background.

“Red” was her second single off the album. Swift said the colors are related to her emotions about a relationship and red is all about “intense emotion.”

The video footage is mostly upbeat and features Swift in a variety of shots. It opens with a backstage pre-concert cheer before she hits the stage with her band and dancers.

Some of the shots feature Swift in her white lace top and sexy high-waist short-shorts. She never looks sexier than when shes banging on her low-slung, glittery, red guitar and singing with her pouty ruby-red lips. Go team Red!

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