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Kate Upton Will Blow You Away in These Sizzling Photos (look!)

Kate Upton shows how to get it done down on the farm.

Kate Upton shows how to get it done down on the farm.

Kate Upton, had a little fun down on the farm for Complex magazine and shows why she’s one of the most mind-blowing models in recent memory. You’ve never seen her before from this angle… until now.

Kate, who turned 21 last month, has vaulted from a virtual unknown a few short years ago to become a top swimsuit model and high fashion model.

She’s appeared in Vogue editions in Spain, Germany and Italy.

She cracked U.S. Vogue an proved she could be just as hot in haute couture as she is in a bikini. She landed the cover of U.S. Vogue for its June summer issue, put her in the top ranks of fashion models.

She’s also appeared in other top fashion magazines like Elle and Cosmpolitan.

But Kate never looks better than when she’s dressed down in a pair of denim Daisy Duke short-shorts and a bra-top that’s bursting at the seams. That’s where Complex caught up with her, down on the farm.

Kate, an accomplished equestrian, is comfortable around animals, although she can make animals out of most men. Just check out these photos… sitting down, and follow TheImproper on Twitter for more on the Marilyn Monroe of our times.

Kate Upton Gets Down on the Farm

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