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Kanye West Lets You Toy With Black Skinhead Video (watch!)

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Kanye West unveils the official version of the video for his song 'Black Skinhead.'

Kanye West unveils the official version of the video for his song ‘Black Skinhead.’

Kanye West unveiled the official version of the video for his song “Black Skinhead,” off his new album Yeezus. The video is every bit as dark and foreboding as the song itself, and it’s also yours to toy with.

The video comes with an interactive feature that lets viewers speed up or slow down the action and take screen shots if the artwork as it flashes on screen.

Directed by Nick Knight, the video comes with its own controls to allow users to manipulate it.

West, who may be the most innovative rapper and musician in the business at the moment, posted the video this morning (July 22) on his website. It follows a leaked version that hit the Internet earlier this month. The rapper was none too pleased.

“Allow me and Nick to give the world what we’ve been losing sleep over,” he Tweeted. “And to who ever (sic) leaked the video… FUK YOU!”

West is facing his own nightmare as police investigate him for felony theft following a confrontation with a photographer at Las Angeles airport (LAX). The rapper attacked the cameraman after he violated West’s command for the paparazzi to refrain from talking to him.

The photographer wasn’t disrespectful and told West he wasn’t trying to start a fight. He asked the rapper several times when he refused to talk to reporters.

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