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Kanye West Likely to Buy His Way Out of Paparazzi Assault

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Kanye West will likely avoid criminal charges in Los Angeles paparazzi assault.

Kanye West will likely avoid criminal charges in Los Angeles paparazzi assault.

Kanye West’s highly publicized paparazzi assault at Los Angeles airport is all but over, despite the fact that he started the fight. Apparently the case will be settled and the photographer will get what he was probably angling for all along… a payday.

At best the case was never more than a misdemeanor assault, despite reports, mainly on gossip site TMZ, that police were investigating the matter as if it were a more serious felony theft.

The photographer allegedly claimed West tried to steal his camera, but that clearly was never his intent. As such, Los Angeles District Attorney will not prosecute on those grounds.

The L.A. City Attorney could pursue misdemeanor criminal battery charge, which is more in line with what went down. But under California law, West and his alleged victim could enter into a “civil compromise” under California law. In other words, he pays off the victim and no charges are pressed.

Ironically, West yelled at the photographer during the assault that he was just attempting to instigate a confrontation to force West to pay him $250,000, which seems to be the going rate for paparazzo beat-downs.

So, for a few minutes rolling around on the ground, the photographer gets a nice payday.

The confrontation started when the photographer violated West’s recent edict that no paparazzi are allowed to speak to him in public. But he has no right to expect them to follow that advice and no right assault someone if they don’t.

So it looks like it could be open season on the Yeezus rapper. What photographer wouldn’t want to yell questions and trigger another attack… if the end result is a nice six-figure payout.

Nice move, Kanye.

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