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Amanda Bynes Going Back to Court; Will Argue for Freedom

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Amanda Bynes posted this 'selfie' on Twitter after she shaved half her hair off.

Amanda Bynes posted this ‘selfie’ on Twitter after she shaved half her hair off.

Amanda Bynes may be happy about her forced lockdown in a psych ward after all. Treatment may have made her lucid enough to convince a judge in court today (Aug. 9) that she is capable of managing her own affairs in a sane and reasonable way.

Bynes was hospitalized on July 24 under what’s known as a “5150 hold.”

The designation refers to a section of California law that allows individuals to be committed against their will if they show signs of a psychiatric disorder, according to Celebrity Health & Fitness, a website that charts celebrity health issues.

At last report, Bynes was responding well to a “cocktail” of drugs designed to curb the symptoms of schizophrenia, a disorder characterized by paranoid or bizarre delusions, nonsensical speech and confused thinking.

Bynes struck out once last month in a court hearing to determine if she can function on her own. But now she has the benefit of the psycho-active drugs.

Her parents have asked the court to place their daughter in a temporary conservatorship that would give them legal an financial control over her affairs. If they’re successful on Friday, Bynes would be handed back to the hospital for further treatment, according to gossip site TMZ.

Over the past several months, she’s engaged in increasingly bizarre behavior that has been documented extensively by the tabloids. They include Twitter rants, obsessions about her looks, episodes of acting out in public and alleged heavy drug use.

Amanda’s lawyer Mary Shea will be representing her. For the latest updates on her case follow TheImproper on Twitter.

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