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One Direction New Song Leaks; Tribute to Princess Diana? (listen!)

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One Direction has released a new song that some fans think is a tribute to Princess Diana.

One Direction has released a new song that some fans think is a tribute to Princess Diana.

“One Direction,” the UK boy band made up by Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, have a new single out either by accident or design. The tune, “Diana” popped up on the Internet today (Sept. 21), and some fans are calling it a tribute to Princess Diana.

The band is hard at work on a new album, titled Midnight Memories.

They promised that it would be “edgier” than their previous work, but judging by “Diana,” the boy banders aren’t straying too far from their earlier sound.

The song, however, may cause a stir at Buckingham Palace. Some fans believe the lyrics focus on self-harm, suicidal thoughts and bullying that Diana suffered as Princess of Wales.

If so, the song comes amid new controversy surrounding the Princess’s death in 1997. New evidence has allegedly surfaced that the British secret service was involved in the Paris accident that took her life.

A new movie, starring Naomi Watts is also coming out that focuses on Diana’s life following her divorce from Prince Charles. It involves her two-year affair with Pakistani heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat Khan.

It’s unknown whether the song was leaked or purposely, or released as part of what’s known as a soft launch. Give the subject matter the latter may be the case.

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Footnote: The band’s new album will be released in November.

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