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Selena Gomez Hated!? Pharrell a Sewer Rat? Time for Mean Tweets!

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Selena Gomez reads a mean tweet aloud on Jimmy Kimmel

Selena Gomez reads a mean tweet aloud on Jimmy Kimmel

Selena Gomez hated? John Legend cries after sex? Pharell a sewer rat? Those were just some of the mean tweets that celebrities read aloud last night on Jimmy Kimmel in another hilarious addition of “Mean Tweets.” Here’s our favorite.

It was directed a country singer Brad Paisley. “I don’t know your music, because I don’t drive a pickup and I don’t sleep with my sister.”

“Fair enough,” Paisley deadpanned in return.

Kimmel has been airing the segment from time to time. But in honor of his sit-down with Kanye West last night (Oct. 9) to resolve a Twitter feud, he hosted an all music segment of “Mean Tweets.”

Selena led off and her expression is priceless. Demi Lovato also read a slam and turned on a pout. Other celebrity reactions were hilarious.

Among those appearing were Katy Perry, Lil Wayne, John Mayer, Adam Levine, the Backstreet Boys and Ke$ha.

It looked like Ke$ha primped a little bit for her mean tweet. She looked stunning as she read: “Ke$ha is a crack whore.”

Check out the video below. It’s hilarious. And follow TheImproper on twitter for the latest celebrity updates.

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