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Selena Gomez Near Disaster in DC: Falls Off Stage (Video, 12 Photos!)

Selena Gomez went wild during her Washington, DC show Oct. 10, including falling off the stage.

Selena Gomez went wild during her Washington, DC show Oct. 10, including falling off the stage.

Selena Gomez took one step too many and fell off the stage during her Oct. 10 performance at the Patriot Center in suburban Washington, D.C. If she suffered any pain she didn’t show it. She bounced back up and continued singing, but ouch! It had to hurt.

One intrepid fan caught the stumble on video and posted it on YouTube. The clip is rapidly going viral.

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Selena was singing her hit song “Slow Down,” which isn’t all that slow. She was dancing up a storm with male and female backup dancers, swaying her hips and bouncing up and down.

She was wearing a sequined body suit with a short frilly skirt and hooker boots with heels. They’ll do it every time.

She seemed to make it through the most rigorous part of the number and was about three minutes into the song. Black and orange streamers started falling from the rafters and Selena began hopping forward.

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She hopped again and off the stage she went. Fortunately there was a secondary platform about 18 inches below the main stage and she landed there. Still, she slammed down on her knee and could have easily torn ligaments.

A backup dancer rushed to her side and quickly helped her to her feet and back to the main stage. She high-fived fans who had put up their hands in an effort to break her fall.

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Gomez is currently touring in support of her album Stars Dance. Her album quickly rose to No. 1 when it was released in July. Selena had been contemplating spending more time making movies. But her last film “Getaway” with Ethan Hawke flopped miserably.

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