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Robert Pattinson Lifts Hollywood Profile, Flying Solo (12 Photos!)

Robert Pattinson stuck closely to married actress Isla Fisher at the Australians In Film Awards Gala in Hollywood. (Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images)

Robert Pattinson stuck closely to married actress Isla Fisher at the Australians In Film Awards Gala in Hollywood. (Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images)

Robert Pattinson is suddenly a man about town in Hollywood. He’s popped up at two industry events this week, flying solo at both to hobnob with actors, directors and producers. Is he trolling for work, or more comfortable now with the establishment?

In the most recent sighting, the dapper, clean-shaven and suited actor appeared at the “2nd Annual Australians In Film Awards Gala” in Hollywood.

The event is a schmooze-fest for the Australian acting contingent in Hollywood. It gives Aussie actors a chance to network and also doubles as an awards program for Australian based movies and actors.

Officially, Rob, 27, was there as a presenter. But he definitely has an affinity for the country.

He spent two months in the Australian outback this past spring to film “The Rover,” a post-apocalyptic thriller about a society ruled by gangs. He co-stars with Aussie actor Guy Pearce.

Robert Pattinson Dapper at Australian Gala
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Rob called filming in the desert under grueling conditions a life-changing experience and developed a keen fondness for the country, even if he was collared by police for riding his bike without a helmet during his stay.

Only three days ago, Pattinson showed up at an official screening for Director James Toback’s film, “Seduced and Abandoned,” at the Clarity Theater in Beverly Hills, Calif. Rob rubbed shoulders with Toback and directors Nicholas Jarecki and Brett Ratner.

In each case Rob was alone, or with one of his reps. His reported girlfriend Dylan Penn, daughter of actor Sean Penn, was nowhere to be seen.

And earlier this month, he was spotted with Florence Welch and her sister Grace at an Arctic Monkeys concert. He and Welch are just friends. So the Dylan Penn connection may be a little less than tabloids are making it out to be.

At the Australian event, Rob stuck closely to his table mates, including fetching redhead Isla Fisher, 37, who is married to comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, 42. He was also spotted on the red carpet talking with Delta Goodrem, an Australian singer-songwriter and television actress.

Rob presented the “Fox Studios Australia Orry-Kelly International Award” to Aussie production collective, Blue-Tongue Films. In keeping with the raucous atmosphere, he dubbed the honor “the R Kelly golden shower award.” That Rob! What a card!

On a slightly more serious note, he added: “You look at the film industry now, everyone’s so cut-throat, especially in L.A.”

“Seeing how the Blue Tongue group came together, they all seem to support each other and they’re also critics that share high quality work without their egos getting involved,” he said.

Sounds like Rob’s kind of crowd.

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