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Robert Pattinson Mum, But Katy Perry Opens Up About Relationship

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Katy Perry sets the record straight about her relationship with Robert Pattinson in a new interview.

Katy Perry sets the record straight about her relationship with Robert Pattinson in a new interview.

Robert Pattinson turned to Katy Perry for solace after he broke up with his girlfriend for almost four years Kristen Stewart, sparking a rash of tabloid speculation that they were dating. Rob would never comment on anything, but now Katy is.

Katy appeared on “The Kyle and Jackie O Show,” a syndicated radio program, and used the occasion to set the record completely straight about her relationship with the English hunk.

Robert Pattinson, Katy Perry Looking More and More Like Item

The conversation started when the 28-year-old singer was asked about a video showing her getting cozy with Rob while they were singing together at a karaoke bar.

As it turns out, the video was filmed in December 2008, although it only surfaced on the Internet for the first time on Sat. (Oct. 26). It left little question that they were good friends, but was there more to it than that?

They sang a passionate love song “I’ll Make Love to You” by Boyz to Men. Katy and Rob were both definitely single… and Katy was flirty!

Is Robert Pattinson a Breast Man at Heart? Katy Perry Thinks So!

But she said there was nothing more to it than what the video showed.

“What about the video that got leaked showing you and Robert Pattinson doing karaoke?” Jackie O asked.

“There’s the media for you,” Katy quipped, “nothing is sacred, not even karaoke.”

Robert Pattinson, Katy Perry Hang Out Together at Bjork Concert

“We were just hanging out,” she said, explaining that they have a lot of mutual friends. In fact one of her best friends (who?) is good friends with Rob, she said.

“We got wasted and did karaoke like people do,” she added. “At least it shows you that we are just good friends.”

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