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Rihanna Dabbles With Insanity in New ‘What Now?’ Video (watch!)

Rihanna explores her inner self in a new video for her song 'What Now."

Rihanna explores her inner self in a new video for her song ‘What Now.” (Photo: Glamour)

Rihanna passed on a big production number for her latest video for her new song “What Now?” Instead, she’s in a room, going through a contorted dance (if you can call it that), almost as if she’s locked in insane asylum. And what flexibility!

The 25-year-old singer’s less-is-more style works for the song and keeps the attention squarely focused on her.

In her last video for her song “Pour It Up,” she drew international scorn for its lewdness. The highly stylized clip featured her getting nasty with a stripper pole, twerkin like no one else and wearing virtually no clothes at all.

Her new video features her in a barren room in black-and-white scenes that fade to a sepia-tone and full color.

She clearly struggles with her own demons, something she’s also done in real life, growing up in Barbados, where she remembers being bullied.

Rihanna Insanely Sexy for What Now
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“I got teased my entire school life,” she said in a recent interview with Glamour magazine.

“What they were picking on I don’t even understand. It was my skin color [which was lighter than her classmates’]. Then when I got older, it was about my breasts,” she adds.

But she turned the experience into something positive. “I’m grateful,” she says. “I think those experiences were strategically put together by God for the preparation of being in the music industry. It’s so easy for me to deal with the bullsh-t now.”

As a result of her commercial success, she struggles with a split personality. “When people call me Robyn, my head just flies around because I feel like that person knows me.

But Rihanna, that tends to be people’s own [creation]. Robyn is who I am. Rihanna… that’s an idea of who I am.”

The video sure conveys the same message.

Check it out below along with photos from her two most recent magazine shoots. Let us know your thoughts and follow TheImproper on twitter for the latest Rihanna news.

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