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Kendall Jenner Hot, Wet, Exposed 2 Wks After 18th Birthday (photos!)

Kendall Jenner goes braless in a see-through top in self-posted Instagram photos. She turned 18 two weeks ago.

Kendall Jenner goes braless in a see-through top in self-posted Instagram photos. She turned 18 two weeks ago.

Kendall Jenner has only been 18 for two weeks and she already is flashing her breasts in a see-through blouse. Oh… she’s also soaking wet. Looks like she’s emulating half-sister Kim Kardashian after all.

Kendall turned 18 on Nov. 3 to a flurry of offers to pose naked or make a pornographic video.

At 18, Kendall can legally appear nude in the media. Before that, she was considered a minor. Publishing photos showing her private parts would expose anyone to prosecution for violating child pornography laws.

But her latest photos were professionally photographed and self-published on Instagram, which makes them fair game for republication. Not that she minds. The photos are clearly designed to make a statement.

Kendall Jenner Braless in See-Through Top
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Australian photographer Russell James, who regularly photographs models for the Victoria’s Secret swimsuit and lingerie catalogs, was behind the lens. The photos are a sneak peek at the willowy beauty’s upcoming spread.

Jenner has been doing bikini modeling since she was 15, and clearly has the looks and build of a supermodel.

Ironically, she once said she didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of her half-sisters.

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian have made an industry out of titillating photos, wardrobe malfunctions and revealing clothes.

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Kim, of course, launched the family business based on the notoriety of a 2007 sex tape with then boyfriend and rapper Ray J. Kim sold the rights to the video to a porn outfit for a reported $5 million and the rest is history.

Many but not all models pose in the nude for fashion spreads. Kendall is obviously signalling that she’s ready to play the game. She’s certainly got what it takes.

“Can’t wait for you guys to see the rest of the photos!” she wrote in a caption with the photos. We can’t either.

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