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Sean Penn Still a Bully and Lout in Hotel Fan Fracas (watch!)

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Sean Penn screams at a fan for trying to take his photo. Meanwhile. someone else videos the whole incident. Duh...

Sean Penn screams at a fan for trying to take his photo. Meanwhile. someone else videos the whole incident. Duh…(Photo: Getty)

Sean Penn, who was in San Francisco to speak at–of all things–a sales conference, bullied and berated a fan for trying to take his photo in the public lobby of the tony St. Regis Hotel. The funny thing is the whole thing was caught on video.

When Penn went ballistic on the fan, someone else in the lobby began taping the whole thing, without Penn the wiser, and came away with a far more compelling souvenir.

Needless to say, the video made its way to gossip site TMZ, which had a field day poking fun at the self-aggrandizing movie star.

Penn it seems was at the very public hotel lobby bar when another hotel guest snapped the photo. The flash sparked Penn’s tirade.

Penn allegedly grabbed the man’s phone and threw it on the ground. That caused the second guest to start filming.

He caught Penn shouting: “Do we look like f**king zoo animals? I’ll make you eat the phone … get the fu*k out of here!!”

So let’s deconstruct this. Penn was in a public place. He was the featured speaker at a “sales conference,” ironically attended by the guy who tried to take his photo, according to TMZ.

In short, he had no business getting his underwear in a bunch. Penn, like so many Hollywood types, wants the benefit of celebrity without the burdens. Can’t have one without the other.

Like many self-important celebrities, Penn also may be compensating for his diminutive stature. He’s only five-feet, eight-inches tall on a good day. His ego is definitely bigger than his whup-ass quotient.

Penn reportedly complained to hotel management, but the hotel knew better, and reportedly asked the man if he wanted to press charges. The man declined and left, according to the gossip site.

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Footnote: What’s Sean Penn doing speaking at a sales conference in the first place. Has his career really sunk to that?

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