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Kate Moss First Look Hot New Playboy 60th Anniversary Photos

Kate Moss covers the 60th  Anniversary issue of Playboy. Hot, yes, but does it miss the mark demographically?

Kate Moss covers the 60th Anniversary issue of Playboy. Hot, yes, but does it miss the mark demographically?

Kate Moss, the stunning English model who dominated the 1990s with her kittenish looks, is featured on the cover of the Playboy 60th anniversary issue. Moss, who turns 40 in January, is iconic, but why no American model?

The magazine’s decision to go with Moss for the cover of its landmark 60th anniversary issue is puzzling if not down right wrong-headed.

After all, Playboy is a uniquely American institution and was launched back in the 1950s with all-American Hollywood sex siren Marilyn Monroe on the cover.

It seems like it would have made more sense to embrace its roots and go with an American model, who is more contemporary than Moss. The English model had her heyday in the early 1990s when she was one of the hottest models on the planet.

Kate Moss Wants to Play in Playboy
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She ushered in the era of so-called “heroin chic,” an emaciated, waifish look that still influences how models appear on runways around the world, to much criticism and debate.

Although her best days are behind her, she still commands top dollar for her work and remains in demand.

Moss certainly conveys some superstar status on the magazine, but she’s no Marilyn Monroe. And, demographically, she completely misses the mark.

Playboy has long been criticized for its failure to attract a younger audience. A whole new generation has come of age since Moss’s heyday and they can hardly consider her relevant.

As far as nudity goes, Moss is a commodity these days. She’s appeared nude so many times over the years, the “wow” factor is greatly diminished. Plus, a lot of younger readers are going to feel like their looking at their mother. Yikes!

Even so, the magazine has invested heavily in her appearance. She’s featured in an 18-page photo spread and she’ll answer questions in a Q&A with Tom Jones. Yes, he’s pushing 75, but to the 87-year-old magazine editor and founder Hugh Hefner, he must still seem like a youngster.

Kate is shown on the cover wearing the iconic Playboy Bunny costume. She was photographed by long-time friends Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, who are well-known fashion photographers.

Playboy’s 60th anniversary edition is available digitally on beginning today (Dec. 2), and on newsstands across the country starting Friday, Dec. 6. Exclusive outtakes and video from the shoot will also be available on, Friday, Dec. 6.

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