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Paul Walker Car Crash, Explosion Caught on Security Camera (video)

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The Porsche Carrera GT in which Paul Walker was riding is engulfed in flames.

The Porsche Carrera GT in which Paul Walker was riding is engulfed in flames.

Paul Walker and his friend business partner Roger Rodas were almost certainly killed instantly when their Porsche Carrera GT crashed in Santa Clarita, Calif. The car virtually exploded on impact and was instantly engulfed in flames, according to new video footage from a nearby security camera.

Although the camera view is obscured by trees, a flash of light and the resulting explosion are clearly visible.

The crash threw off a huge plume of smoke that reportedly could be seen for miles. The first car on the scene stopped almost immediately after the crash. But even by then, it was too late to help Walker or Rodas.

Moments later, a string of cars can be seen stopping along side of the road and several individuals could be seen running toward the accident scene.

They were likely friends of the two men who heard the crash or saw the billowing smoke. Firefighters had to restrain several of the men for hindering attempts to put out the blaze.

The $400,000 car is thought to have hit a light pole and then slammed into a tree.

Both Walker and Rodas were burned beyond recognition by the fire.

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