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Nicki Minaj Hits Label ‘Censorship’ …by Fondling Herself (photos!)

Nicki Minaj sends her record label a message after her song remix was pulled.

Nicki Minaj sends her record label a message after her song remix was pulled.

Ncki Minaj is mad as hell and she gave her breast a big squeeze in an Instragram photo to prove it. She’s got hot after Universal Music, her record label, pulled and explicit, freestyle remix of her song “Boss Ass B**ch” from a social sharing site.

“Wow at Universal takin down that boss ass b***h sound cloud link. ITS.A.FREESTYLE – smfh” she Tweeted alerting hear nearly 12 million followers to the brouhaha.

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The 31-year-old rapper followed up with photos on Instagram. In one, she’s got a firm grip on her ample breast. In another she’s sucking her fingers. (Wonder what she meant by that?)

In case label executives didn’t get the message, she posted another photo with her tongue sticking between two fingers held in a “V” sign, a common reference to cunnilingus, or oral sex.

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Nicki had been promoting the remix over the social sharing services, with a link to a sound cloud recording.

But Universal stepped it and had it pulled without running it by her. Likely the dispute involves a copyright issue, but Niki didn’t see it that way.

She got a shoutout from New Zealand pop phenom Lorde: “that remix of boss ass bi*ch is the fucking BUSINESS. nicki wins at everything. there is no competition” she said in a follow-up Tweet.

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Nicki Minaj Gets Obscene With Universal Music (Click Photos to Enlarge!)
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