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Justin Bieber Egg-vestigation Turns Serious: Police Raid House (video)

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Justin Bieber is facing a serious investigation over his egg attack on a neighbor.

Who me? Justin Bieber is facing a serious investigation over his egg attack on a neighbor.(Photo: Getty)

Justin Bieber’s egg-scapade is apparently serious business. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department investigators swarmed his house this morning (jan. 14) apparently searching for evidence connecting him to his Jan. 9 egg attack on his neighbor.

Bieber is facing potential felony charges because damage to the exclusive property reportedly exceeded $20,000.

Investigators are apparently looking for surveillance video taken from Justin’s house that might have filmed the egging incident, according to gossip site TMZ. Bieber is reportedly being held in the garage while investigators search his house.

The L.A. County Sheriff’s department is definitely taking the investigation seriously and likely have gotten clearance from the LA County prosecutor to pursue the case aggressively. At least 11 patrol cars swarmed his house early this morning.

California’s vandalism and graffiti statute outlaws any maliciously act that damages someone else’s property, including defacing it with graffiti or other writing, damaging it, or destroying it, according to state legal references.

If convicted of felony vandalism, Bieber could face up to three years in prison and a $10,000 fine or more if the damage is extensive. Police are reportedly operating under a felony search warrant, according to TMZ.

According to legal sources, property crimes like vandalism are treated very seriously in California.

Depending on the scope of the search warrant, Bieber could also be on the hook for other evidence of crime in his house, like a drug stash or drug use. But if it’s not within the scope of the warrant evidence seized could be thrown out of court.

Police would likely seek and additional warrant if they find anything else that’s allegedly criminal.

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