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Justin Bieber Gal Pal Chantel Jeffries a Hate Magnet for Beliebers

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Justin Bieber's gal pal Chantel Jefferies. Is she good for him or bad for him? Beliebers want to know.

Justin Bieber's gal pal Chantel Jefferies. Is she good for him or bad for him? Beliebers want to know.

Justin Bieber’s partner in alleged crime, Chantel Jefferies, is drawing heaps of scorn, including death threats, from Justin’s Belieber fans, who, well, can’t believe the part-time model has become Justin’s girlfriend.

Bieber picked up the 21-year-old North Carolina native while he was in Florida and the two sped around town in Justin’s rented Lamborghini.

The partied at Set nightclub and she as riding with Bieber early in the morning when he was stopped on suspicion of drag-racing and popped for DUI, driving on an expired license and resisting arrest.

Since then, she’s been constantly at his side. She was photographed with him on the beach in Panama and was passenger on his wild jet ride from Toronto to New York to catch the Super Bowl.

Police are trying to convince her to testify against Bieber, but so far she’s refused. You’d think Beliebers would be thankful she’s sticking by him. But they’re anything but.

Now that’s she’s settled in an appears to be his new girlfriend, they’re going crazy with hate. Of course, Selena Gomez experienced much the same reaction when she first started dating the teen pop star.

But in one regard, she’s a step ahead of him. She already has a rap sheet that includes five arrests. He’s only be arrested twice… so far.

Who da f*** is Chantal jeffries ? I DONT WANT HER WITH JUSTIN SE HAS A BAD INFLUENCE SHE GOT ARRESTED 5 Times & I KNOW THAY SHE STAB A GIRl,” wrote one fan.

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