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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Tabloid Fail: NO Vancouver Meeting

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Kristen Stewart was photographed by a fan in Nashville, Tenn. Click to see the full-size photo,

Kristen Stewart was photographed by a fan in Nashville, Tenn. Click to see the full-size photo,

Robert Pattinson is not meeting up with ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart in Vancouver, where they shot many of their “Twilight” scenes, despite a report to the contrary posted on a tabloid Web site.

The couple was supposed to spend a “belated” Valentine’s Day together after months apart. Big news no doubt. But way too good to be true.

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The alleged hook up was reported by sketchy gossip site HollywoodLife. As always, an anonymous source spoke “exclusively” to the site.

Even more incredulously, the site claimed that Kristen would be taking Rob’s dogs Bear and Bernie along for the reunion.

The story was given a shred of credence because Kristen was spotted at LAX airport, flying out of Los Angeles. But she wasn’t headed for Vancouver. Rather, she was flying to Nashville, our own “source” told TheImproper.

Sure enough, Kristen was spotted in Nashville today (Feb. 18). A fan snapped her photo and posted it on Instagram, confirming our report.

Rob is in Toronto shooting his latest movie, while Kristen is reportedly in Nashville to help friends with a music video.

The HollywoodLife article went on to claim that Kristen and Rob were in touch over Valentine’s Day, exchanging photos, including “silly selfies.”

It’s the kind of story that really tugs on the heart strings of devoted Pattinson and Stewart fans, but the source is either totally wrong or more likely the story is totally made up.

Rob and Kristen haven’t spoken to each other in months in any meaningful way. The relationship, absent further evidence, is over.

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