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Bill Cosby vs. A Dirty Dozen Serial Rapists

Benny Sala: The Tel Aviv Rapist

Benny Sela: The Tel Aviv Rapist

Benny Sela: The Tel Aviv Rapist

Benny Sela grew up in the Hatikva Quarter, an impoverished neighborhood of Tel Aviv, and witnessed his father commit suicide. He spent his teen years in foster care. Sela committed at least 24 and possibly as many as 34 rapes, sexual assaults, and sexual molestations of women and girls over a five-year period. His M.O. would involve breaking into homes, usually late at night or in the early morning. Sela forced his victims to shower afterward his assaults to eliminate physical evidence. He always attacked and raped from behind, to avoid being indentified. Sela was first arrested in 1995 and sentenced to two years for molesteing his cousin starting when she was eight. After he was released from jail, he resumed his rape spree and eventually was sentence to 36 years in prison.

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Benny Sela: The Tel Aviv Rapist