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Uma Thurman Seductive for Schweppes in French Ad (watch)

Uma Thurman Seductive for Schweppes in French Ad (watch) 1Uma Thurman cranks up the sexuality in a new French commercial for soft drink company Schweppes. She plays a smoky voiced seductress, or maybe herself, in an interview with a horny journalist.

Something is lost in the translation, however. The commercial is filmed in English with French subtitles, which opens the way for a clever twist at the end. Ah.. the French.

The commercial opens with the journalist knocking on the door to a room where a photo shoot is underway.

Turman, 40, is lounging in a decadent nightgown and the young French journalist breaks out in a sweat as he attempts to conduct the interview.

Uma is dressed like a ’30s movie siren. She’s stretched out on a couch with her legs bare and her gold silk robe gaping open.

The actress confesses that all of the rumors about her are true.

She purrs that she likes a drink with strangers, she likes Schweppes at home and even sometimes in a taxi.

Uma suggests that the pair should share a drink together – but he thinks she’s referring to something else.

Thurman’s latest movie is actor, Michael Angarano, 23, who used to date Kristen Stewart, before Robert Pattinson came into the picture, literally.

It’s a romantic comedy about an older woman’s fling with a much younger guy.

Check out Uma’s powers of seduction in the clip below:

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