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Rihanna Sizzles in Fenty Luminizer Ads


Rihanna knows the hottest body to show off her new lumnizers is her own. She’s feature in the latest campaign for her comsetics line Fenty Beauty. The 31-year-old singer has become a major force in fashion since breaking out in a 2011 Armani campaign. To go back to the full story, click here.

(Photo by Dennis Leupold for Rihanna/Fenty Beauty)

Rihanna Sizzles for Fenty Beauty (Click Photos to Enlarge!)
Rihanna-Fenty-Lava-06 ThumbRihanna-Fenty-Lava-05 ThumbRihanna-Fenty-Lava-04 ThumbRihanna-Fenty-Lava-03 ThumbRihanna-Fenty-Lava-02 ThumbRihanna-Fenty-Lava-01 Thumb