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Sigourney Weaver: My Alien Character Was an Accident

Sigourney Weaver: My Alien Character Was an Accident 1Sigourney Weaver combined power and sexuality in her character “Ripley” in the 1979 hit movie “Alien” and forever changed the way women could be portrayed in action-adventure films. Not that becoming a cultural icon was part of the plan.

“I don’t think it was a feminist decision, I think it was more of a story decision,” Weaver tells the New York Daily News. “That no one would ever anticipate that this young woman would end up being the hero of the piece.”

Ripley, the only survivor after an alien creature infiltrated her spaceship and killed the crew, became the centerpiece of the alien series, which included three more films.

Today, she credits the timing of the film more than anything for her character’s rise as a symbol of feminist empowerment.

It was a time when women were entering the workforce in droves and establishing themselves in all fields.

“We just caught this wave culturally,” she says.

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