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Sienna Miller Scandalously Hot Topless for Esquire (7 photos!)

Sienna Miller is sultry in a new photo spread for the UK edition of Esquire.

Sienna Miller is sultry in a new photo spread for the UK edition of Esquire.

Sienna Miller scandalous past comes back for a visit in a sizzling new photo shoot of her posing seductively topless in a bed for the UK edition of Esquire. You would think she’d try to put all that being her… nah.

Miller, 32, arguably one of the UK’s hottest actresses, was also one of the most despised after her scandalous affair with a married man in 2008.

She was photographed with actor and oil heir Balthazar Getty romping topless on an Italian beach. At the time, he was married to fashion designer Rosetta Millington with whom he has three children.

Sienna Miller’s Power of Seduction (Click Photos to Enlarge!)

Click Here to See Sienna Miller’s Sexy Beach Romp! (nsfw)

She also had a tempestuous relationship with actor Jude Law. It imploded in tabloid headlines in 2005 when it was revealed he was sleeping with the couple’s nanny. As it turned out, she was also having an affair with actor Daniel Craig.

Her scandalous behavior sent her career into a tailspin. “It had become difficult for me to get the work I wanted, if I’m really honest,” she tells the magazine. “It was a weird situation to be in because there was a lot of goodwill for me in Hollywood.”

She’s managed to turn things around, thanks, in part, to a steady relationship with actor Tom Sturridge. They have one child together, daughter Marlowe.

So why not pose naked in a widely circulated magazine?

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